Ball Up Reps believe in 4 core values in our basketball culture:
1. Love what you do.
2. Do what you love with other people that love it too
3. Continue to develop and build what you love 
4. Look fresh and fly while doing it!

Ball Up is the lifestyle brand that unites basketball athletes and fans around the world with the love of basketball. From the spectators, the everyday ballers in schools, gyms and parks to the top basketball talents traveling the globe! Ball Up was created by ballers, for ballers and fans of the game! Our goal is to create a culture of people who relate to each other and aspire to join a team where we play, watch, eat, sleep, walk, talk and breath basketball. Accomplishing this all while working together to be inspired and motivated to reach our goals in life. There’s the NBA and then there’s BALL UP. One you watch the other you LIVE. 

Ball Up is the premier sports and lifestyle brand dedicated to capturing and delivering the essence of streetball. Its mission is to provide an opportunity for the sport's incredible athletes and fans to share their passion with the world. Founded in 2009, Ball Up has been strategically grown by professionalizing the sport and leveraging the lifestyle of streetball to create a global movement. The brand now boasts an All-Star roster of twelve of the world's most famous streetball players including Professor, AO and Air Up There, a 15-market national arena tour, robust international touring schedule and the top rated competition reality series on FOX Sports – Ball Up: Search for the Next.