The Kobe Finale: Need a Tissue?

The Kobe Finale: Need a Tissue?

Kobe's finale performance left NBA fans with their mouths open and with a question. Is Kobe really ready to retire?

Drake may be looking for revenge for Summer 16, but Kobe gave us a conversation and controversial debate for the whole NBA off-season in barber shops, playgrounds and BBQ’s. Sorry Drake and Meek, but this summer everyone will be more interested in weather Kobe will come back and seek his sixth ring.

Last night, Kobe turned back the clock and took us back to when he played with Smush Parker, Brian Cook, Chris Mihm and everyone's favorite Laker Kwame Brown  -_-. Many young fans may not remember the days when Kobe was gunning and shooting every pass that came to him, single-handedly leading the Lakers to victory, like he did in his last game.

Kobe poured in 40 more points than I predicted. I figured he finish with 20 points from the floor in 30 minutes. Kobe not only proved me wrong, but probably much of the NBA as well. I don’t think anybody predicted Kobe would drop 60. And no we are not trying to hear “well he took 50 shots.” Please keep that to yourself Kobe-Haters.

This is the end of the era of isolation basketball. Well, there is still The Beard (James Harden) but obviously, he’s not Kobe Bean Bryant.

So you can ball up your kleenex and shoot it in the trash can and say “Kobe” and continue to do so because his legacy will forever live on. 

Oh yeah. People are bidding on a “bag of air” from Kobe last game for $15,500.00.

Taylor D


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