This Year's MVP is ...

This Year's MVP is ...

Curry or LeBron? Or Who?

Season 15-16 it’s either Steph Curry or Chef Curry. Get it?

This season Steph Curry has dominated the NBA with his scoring ability, passing, IQ and not to mention that he’s the league leading scorer and broke the record for most consecutive games with a 3 pointer and most 3 pointers in a season and that record is still counting.

He's even got the legends hating on him because of his game. And Oscar, Curry may be better than you and some other legends but that’s something I will discuss another day.

Though you hear all this Curry talk there is still one player that many people (yours truly not included) say that stands in his way of being the best of the league. That player is James Harden.

No. I’m joking. It’s obviously LeBron James (or Russell Westbrook). 

Many people argue that while Curry is having the better season, LeBron is still the best player in the league. How is that possible? I'd like to say that it's not possible BUT I remember when LeBron started having better seasons than Kobe and I still argued that Kobe was still the best baller on the freaking planet. I can’t contradict myself but I have to disagree with this statement.

Curry is better than Lebron in every aspect of the game except defense. Curry's offense is so well rounded that it shadows his lack of defensive ability. And Curry's leading the league in steals and LeBron is not even top ten.

Yes, LeBron is a better rebounder but that’s obviously because he’s 6’8 ft and 240 lbs. What else is there to dispute? Curry is statistically better than LeBron in every category.

What’s your argument?!


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