Warriors vs. Clippers

Warriors vs. Clippers

The Warriors host the Clippers tonight at 7 pm (PST) on ESPN. This game could be a preview of the Western Conference Semifinals if both teams make it out of the first round. Well, let’s hope the Clippers can make it out the first round...

Both teams are extremely fun and enjoyable to watch. The Warriors bring high energy, unbelievable 3 point shooting, up tempo pace and great defense while the Clippers bring dunks, alley oops and more dunks.

These two teams harbor a competitive dislike for one another, which breeds an explosive game whenever they match up. The end result is an all-out game that rarely lets the fans down. I can’t recall a bad game between these two teams. Though, the Warriors have won the last five meetings, each game was a nail biter that nearly came down to the wire.

Curry is having a sensational year leading the Warriors to a league best (63-7) chasing to beat the '95-'96 Bulls record (72-10).

The Clippers haven't had Blake Griffin on the court since last Christmas, yet they sit comfortably in 4th place of the Western Conference with a much improved record than last year at this time (43-26).

Let’s hope Chris Paul brought his ice skates to Oracle Arena tonight for their final meeting with the Warriors this regular season. In previous meetings, Curry can be shown putting moves on Paul and making him look lost on defense. Paul, supposedly one of the greatest point guards ever, has to prove to us that he can stay in front of one of the best point guards in the league (who I believe: is the best PG since Magic). But anyway, let’s see who comes out with the victory tonight.

Will the Clippers deliver the Warriors its first home loss of the season (their 33-0 at home)? Or will the Warriors continue to move closer to beating the legendary Chicago Bulls record? Who you got your money on Warriors or Clippers?

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