The Professor a Future Basketball Hall of Famer?

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The Professor a Future Basketball Hall of Famer?

Can The Professor be the first streetball player introduced into the Basketball Hall of Fame? Many people (including myself) grew up watching The Professor on AND1 Tours and YouTube highlights dating back to 2005. He's played for more than a decade giving us nothing but great basketball with lots of ooh’s and aah’s. He was also featured in one of my favorite basketball games, AND1 Streetball (2006).

This brings up my second item: The Professor should be featured in the 2K Series. At the start of the AND1 tour, The Professor had crazy handles, crossovers and a bigger fan base than many NBA players, at a little over 5'0 ft.  

Kids didn’t know who Larry Hughes, Eddie House, Matt Barnes, etc were in 2005 but they (we) knew who The Professor was.

He was the original “ White Iverson” who stole the basketball scene at 19. He became a global icon for streetball. Now at 31 years old, The Professor may potentially play another solid 5 to 10 years (crossed fingers while I’m typing this), strengthening his resume one crossover at a time and hopefully making the Basketball Hall of Fame.

This is a proposal that The Professor and many streetball fans should make. I like The Professor's chances. Can you say first ballot HOF? Class of 2020? Well, let’s just hope he’s not on the ballet with Chef Curry.

Taylor D.


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